Hello world!

WomenWhoHope is an online platform of creative thoughts, ideas and expressions to inspire women to hope for a life unimaginable. We welcome you to our blog and look forward to the kinetic synergy that will be released from this exchange.

Hope is not a passive word. To us, it is more like a divine force, a courage that is summoned within us; an idea that has come to time. This blog evolved after a series of discussions between two friends, both writers, and both busy with the dangling of life’s low fruit, who decided to extend this notion of hope to others.riveritaly

We write our hopes down to inspire and motivate us all to act. We hope for fulfilled lives. We hope for bright futures for our children. We hold out hope for our cities and states, our nation and our world. We will never, ever stop hoping. And we hope you won’t either.

We invite you to follow us on this journey, and to share your own words of hope, inspiration and action with our readers. Through this community, may we all live a passionate and boundless life birthed from our hopes and dreams.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. aposhgirl says:

    Congrats, ladies!! Looking forward to all that is to come!


    1. womenwhohope says:

      Thanks DeChelle!


  2. C Bowman says:

    Good stuff here, lm pass it on to my sister’s


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