From the Heart

By Samantha McKenzie

I am your heart.

Many know me as the functional organ that pumps blood throughout the body. Okay, I get that. Others know me as the source of love and emotions. I accept that too. But today, I want a moment to explain who I am, and why I act the love_muchway that I do.

As your heart, I’m here for you. I like my job too. I ensure that you feel the life that you are living. I’m not the enemy of logic. I respect logic. It’s practical, clearly defined and for the most part, it allows you to live a secure life.

But my job is a bit different. I’m here so that you can make memories worth talking about. I want you to live life on the edge, push the envelope, dig deeper inside of yourself and to risk being exposed. I want you to venture out into unknown feelings, to believe strongly in your intuition, and to break down barriers in an effort to grasp at all of the love that you can consume.

I want you to test the limits, and to leave no stone unturned. I want you to know the type of love you yearn for and be willing to say it out loud. It hurts my feelings that you try to keep me a secret. I want to pump faster on your behalf and I want you to unleash me.

I know people are uncomfortable around me. They get these weird feelings that they can’t truly describe. I know I take people by surprise and they’d rather just not deal. I also realize that I have flaws. I can be overly sensitive and often leap without looking. It’s risky being my friend, but without me, your life would be boring.

I love being in love. Matter of fact, I love YOU being in love. I live a longer life span when you are happiest. What can I say, it’s just who I am. I love hard and play hard. Occasionally I get hurt. But I’m a self-healer. I recalibrate well.

So I will end with this last push.
Life is short, so live it.
Working with me instead of against me is better.
Love never runs out.
There’s more where I come from.
Trust me.

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  1. Joy Renee says:

    Uplifting, inspiring, and comforting – wow! You ladies have given us a special gift with thus site. After a grueling week of appointments and paperwork, what a blessing to sit and read the articles and smile at the photos. It all left me . . . hopeful! 😊. Keep up the great work!


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