Money is important, but it’s not everything. The Bible says you can’t live on bread alone.

By Dawn Onley

Years agMoney photoo, when I was an impressionable high school senior on the verge of graduating, a family friend, who I believe thought he was being helpful, told me that journalism was not a major I should pursue in college. I felt a bit crestfallen. I respected this person’s opinion. At the time, I was so happy and felt so mature that I had used deductive reasoning to arrive at my journalism major. I loved to write, and I was good at it. I was curious about the world and at the same time, I was the quintessential ‘save the world’ type. I needed a profession that would combine my interests while also delivering a stable paycheck, despite how paltry that paycheck might be. For a full-time gig, in my view, journalism beat out author and poet for its stability and pay, and I was excited about my choice of major. His advice stung.

His reasoning was that print media was a dying profession, that the pay was miserable and that it was wiser to consider a business or burgeoning technology field.

More than 20 years into my career, turns out he was partially right and dead wrong at the same time. So many of my journalism colleagues have received buyouts or have been laid off. Sadly, journalism routinely ranks low on the list of professions that are respected and that pay well. Many newspapers have shuttered. Some are still hanging on.

Regardless, he was dead wrong because his advice ran contrary to what I felt deeply in my heart, and still feel. I chose to stay true to my heart. I believe this is very often the best choice. I also still believe in the power of journalism to effectuate change, and I fear a world with no watchdogs.

Be smart. But stay true to your heart’s desire. Listen to that voice deep inside of you. I have always believed that voice to be God. Don’t let money hold you captive.

Life is too short for regrets.

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  1. Ann Shivers says:

    Good article. Significant and timely for this time of the year when newly high school grads will be soon headed to college. Many are still contemplating what major they should pursue. The article shares a valuable message from a voice of experience. No amount of money is capable of buying happiness. Choosing a career that you know you have a keen interest and love for is the key to a happier life. A wise person once said, “Choose a career that you would enjoy doing even if no one was paying you to do it.” Great advice. The monetary value of your choose is important, but it shouldn’t be first on your list of priorities.


    1. womenwhohope says:

      Thanks! I once heard someone say that if you pursue what you truly love, the money will come. I think there is usually a correlation between what we love and what we’re good at, so I guess you could say, perfect what you love and someone will pay you for your expertise. In any event, thanks for your lovely comment and for reading the post!


  2. C Bowman says:

    Great read


    1. womenwhohope says:

      Thanks kindly!


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