The View from My Window

By Samantha McKenzie

When I was moving into a new house, I knew I wanted certain things in my home and my neighborhood. I was sure I wanted three bedrooms, two baths and enough storage. I was certain I wanted a vibrant neighborhood, close to my children’s school and a big enough backyard for them to play in. But there were other things that would come into focus, things I never imagined I could possibly need.28527_1454318120219_3754813_n

One day as I was playing in the backyard with my children, I tripped over a bush. The bush wasn’t spectacular. There was nothing about it that I found attractive. At the time, it just frustrated me and prevented us from what could have been a winning soccer game.

“Why did they plant this right in the middle of the yard?” I thought. It just seemed out of place. It sat about 5 feet off to the left of the big oak tree. There were no other bushes in the yard like it. Haven’t yet shed my city-girl ignorance, I labeled it an ugly obstacle that interfered with our outside frolic.

Two months later, as spring ushered itself in, I stood at the kitchen washing dishes and briefly gazed out the window into the backyard. And then I noticed it. The same awkward bush, which a few months ago was an eye sore, had come into full bloom. There stood a beautiful pinkish floral bush that immediately warmed my soul. It was simply beautiful.

In the weeks that followed, I washed dishes with a smile on. I said a prayer in that moment. I was thankful for a new perspective and for the chance to see something from a slightly different angle…that all life had purpose. I realized that the bush was in the perfect spot and it was me who had to change my position.

I felt in that moment, that the bush was planted for me. And felt blessed that something as simple as a bush, could offer someone as complex as me a little joy.

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  1. Veronica McClain says:



    1. womenwhohope says:

      Thanks sweetie! Onward!


  2. Karen Hall says:

    Agree; sometimes the beauty and value of what’s before us are not immediately apparent but in time we see our blessing. I’m really enjoying your blog.


    1. womenwhohope says:

      Exactly. Sometimes we need a different view to appreciate what’s been there all along.


  3. I have actually been scanning online greater than 3 hrs today,
    yet I never found any exciting short article like yours.


  4. Ann Shivers says:

    Perspective takes time. Glad you didn’t hastily dig that bush up! Thanks for reminding us of this lesson.


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