Being Beautiful, Unique and Gifted

By Samantha McKenzie

You are beautiful. Let’s not waste too much time debating this factbeingbeautiful. It’s true. You were born into a world that was ready and waiting for you. Your presence was met with the warmth and love of others and your very being filled the room with an unimaginable joy. Planned or unplanned, we all got nine months to prepare for your coming. You were so special that we adjusted our thinking and made room in our lives for your arrival. Your birth was the truest meaning of love at first sight.

You are unique. No need to look around to see what others are doing. You were born with your own distinct purpose. You can’t be duplicated, although many will spend wasteful hours trying. Just like your thumbprint, no one else can match what you came to do. Your only job is to search for your purpose and find the one thing that you were born to do. You can admire others – entertainers, athletes, and people in the spotlight as much as you like. It won’t matter. You can surround yourself with people you want to be like and that will make you feel really good, but only for the moment. You can follow your parents’ dreams for you and receive their nod of approval, but the truth is, you will not be satisfied. You were meant to fulfill your own purpose.

You are gifted. Whether you accept it or not, everyone has a gift. Your job is to find out what yours is. There’s one particular thing you do ever so well. When you are doing it, you get excited. Others wish they could do it like you. Your gift comes natural to you. It will challenge you some days, but you won’t have the courage to leave it alone. It has the power to light you up, to keep you going and to give you renewed life, just when you think you want to quit. There may be others with your gift, but no one can do your gift like you can. You didn’t stumble upon it by accident. It wasn’t a coincidence nor even luck. It was yours from the beginning of time. Your gift IS needed and you were chosen to deliver it. It’s just that simple.

So go ahead. Be your beauty. No one else can be as beautiful as you are. Wear your uniqueness with pride. You are one of a kind. Discover your gift and then spend your time living it. Do it on purpose and enjoy being exactly who you were meant to be.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. ❤ " … and you were chose to deliver it." Beautiful! Namaste!


    1. womenwhohope says:

      To be chosen…how wonderful!


  2. Calvin says:

    Thanks! If we continue to allow the advertisements to rule our since of self beauty we are lost for sure. It’s a billion dollar industry to make us think we need to be someone/person other than the beautiful blessings God created us being.


    1. womenwhohope says:

      We would be Lost for sure! So true.


  3. Joy Renee says:

    Samantha – you are a POET! Bravo baby. So sad that the world is filled with those who may never find their purpose because they are too busy trying to copy someone else’s. We are all beautiful originals 😉 and God designed us to accomplish a necessary function. Very well written!


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