Treasures at the Bottom of the Sea

By Samantha McKenzie

Every once in a while I hear something that stops me dead in my tracks.19511_383831891713767_1405992615_n

A while back, I was talking with a colleague who had recently turned in her resignation and was gearing up for the next phase of her life as a doctoral student. She was about to embark on her dream of being a psychologist and her passion for working as a diversity and inclusion consultant.

I found her fascinating. She had an unassuming demeanor and spoke in short, brief sentences. I admire people who choose their words carefully. It requires great control of the voice within and a sense of regard for the intended listeners. She shared with me that day how others viewed her as unapproachable. It bothered her a little, but not enough for her to change who she was. She was humble, yet resolved. Her ancestral soul was visible.

We talked for hours that day. I probed. And then probed some more. I was curious to find out who she really was and wondered what lay beneath her stoic exterior.

I discovered that she was a deeply passionate person who cared about the humanity of the human being. Contrary to her standoffish persona, she was warm and tender and humble and brilliant. She was a deep thinker whose thoughts stretched well into the mysterious places of the universe. She had selfless goals and what she wanted to bring forth was going to transform people’s lives. Love, she said, was her guiding force. Not the television brand of love, she clarified. The kind of love she spoke of existed on the inside and permeated the innocence of soul.

I always wondered why treasures are found at the bottom of the ocean, yet debris can be found floating at the top. We all possess a divine treasure buried deep inside awaiting our own discovery.  I believe this is a part of the journey. I was blessed to witness some portion of her truth.

I asked her if she could name her path, her vision, her purposeful passion. And like the deep blue ocean, from whence her spirit came, she said, “Water your fire.”

And in one brief moment all I heard was – Feed your passion. Encourage your soul. Reenergize your commitment. Chase your dreams. Find your treasures. Speak your truth. Fight for your freedom.

Water your fire.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Calvin says:

    I am to water my soul my passions. Thank you!


  2. Calvin says:

    I am going to water my soul my passions. Thank you!


  3. Ann says:

    I believe it was Shakespeare who said, “THE WORLD CAN BE YOUR OYSTER, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO BREAK THE SHELL.” Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to find the hidden treasures. This article revealed that secret. Well done.


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