Go With Your Gut, It Always Delivers

By Samantha McKenzie

If I had to claim one superhero power, it would be my gut feeling.

It has never steered me wrong.

Like many other people, I’ve always had this intense feeling in the pit of my stomach that has warned me of danger and at other times helped me detect a person’s sincerity.ec12db220aa1c150f05c0f91ec67f875

I believe that we are all born with this fascinating “sixth” sense, an instinctive rumbling buried within that goes into action when we are confronted or faced with extreme decisions.

When I was a youngster, I didn’t know what the feeling was. I sometimes mistakenly dismissed it as fear. I was never taught to trust my gut, my intuition or the voice within, and most often regarded its coming as a fluke encounter. I was raised in a dual-minded household. My father preaching the preferred use of logic and common sense, while my mother stressed a more spiritual solution of prayer.

Even so, I knew as a child there was something intoxicating about this intrinsic awakening. It made me pay attention.

We live in a reality that understands that light travels at an amazing speed of 182,282 miles per second. That sound travels at the rate of 1, 126 feet per second and thought travels at the astonishing speed of 24 billion miles per second. It now makes sense that we, human beings, would come equipped with an internal beacon, a lighthouse that safely guides us to shore. The Creator did not provide the universe with plenty and then leave us without.

I’ve learned to trust my gut these days. I gather the facts, weigh my options, say a prayer and when it’s all said and done, I get very still and then listen to it; my true superpower before there were ever superheroes.

Ask any CEO what makes them successful, and you will be sure to find this one on the list. Ask anyone who has listened to that voice within or felt the strange feeling inside of them, warning them of trouble around the corner. Ask your grandmother whose been awakened in the middle of the night just to pray for you, or your father who warned you earlier on that there was something wrong with your new friend. Ask your mother who without delay, would pick up the phone to hear your voice because something just led her to check on you that day. Ask your Aunty who still brags that she knew he was the one.

Learn to trust your gut. It always delivers.


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