Falling for Fall

Autumn Trees

By Dawn Onley

I’ve never been too crazy about fall. The end of summer and the first glimpse of cold weather always drew me into a rather melancholy state, particularly if I didn’t get much beach time while the weather was sizzling hot. It’s funny how age, and the internal, mid-life heat that accompanies it, changes all of that. Now I relish the nippy temperatures, the fall foliage and the beautiful, brisk walks I take daily.

Whittier Lake

I take it all in. The kaleidoscope of autumn hues – from orange and yellow to burgundy and green – draw me into their transformation, delighting my senses. Fall feels fun. I’m enjoying all of the nature shots, and finding a photograph at nearly every turn. So much beauty to behold.

Nothing remains the same in autumn.  The children start a new school year. The leaves fall from the trees. The birds head south for warmth as the weather shifts.

Colorful leaf (2)Colorful leaf

Fall is about change. I find its symbolism particularly suitable as I will soon embark on a change myself, from Ms. to Mrs.

Yes, I’ve fallen for fall. Hard.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Calvin says:

    Change is oftentimes good.


    1. womenwhohope says:

      Yes, it sure is.


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