Random Things I Don’t Understand

By Samantha McKenzie


When it comes to intelligence and common sense, I rank myself somewhere in the middle. I know lots about what I do know, but I accept that there are things I will never understand. Forever a seeker of knowledge, the more I topics I tend to study, the more I realize how much there is to discover. Quite the humble place to be.

I’m happy leaving certain topics to the real experts. But when it comes to headline news, I have my fair share of opinions. There’s always an event, subject matter, or news item that beckons my attention…and response. So today, I’m gonna let you inside my mixed bag of brain and invite you to dish back some answers.

Random things I just don’t understand, like…

  1. Why haven’t the good cops publicly condemned the “few” bad cops? Does the fraternal order supersede injustice? Oops. Think I answered my own question.
  2. If Massachusetts has the best school system, why can’t the other 49 states copy its standards? Please cut and paste and let’s grow our nation.
  3. Why are religious people (yes us Christians, Jews and Muslims) the MOST judgmental people around? Relax, God’s got this.
  4. Pedophiles, athletes on steroids, nonsensical rap lyrics, deflated footballs. In that order.
  5. Why do extreme TV Evangelists look you straight in the eye and tell you God has a message for you, then direct you to the phone and ask you to make a payment. Hello… God, can you call me directly at no charge?
  6. Where did helicopter parents come from? And can we send them back? They are crippling their children all the way into adulthood.
  7. Why do seemingly educated people think their top state-funded universities are on the Ivy League list? Umm, they’re not. There are no Ivy League schools in the South, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest or Northwest regions in this country. Sorry.
  8. Why do we keep trying to make men the head of the household when they don’t want to be? No seriously, they just don’t want to.
  9. Can someone design a universal test for managers prior to promotions? I’d like to see questions about decision-making, professionalism and maturity. I want this test weighted.
  10. The ongoing conversation about wage/income disparity between men and women?  In 2015? Pay up. Move on. We’re running households over here.

Help me out here. I’m listening.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ann says:

    You are certainly way above the middle, and so far from the ordinary!


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