Pieces of Peace

Samantha McKenzie

Love, peace and happiness. Three words many search for.

I used to believe that if I worked really hard, I’d end up happy. I thought if I was a good girl, I’d find love, peace, joy and then some. With a pocket full of naivety, I searched for this type of life like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and believed in the promise of the yellow brick road.

These days, I’ve learned to cherish the pieces of peace I discover along the way. I’ve found that a good life is made up of a mountain of small nuggets, sweet moments and priceless memories. I’ve learned too, to create the peace within.


I’ve spent my time gathering up those little pieces of joy and taking mental snapshots of the bursts of love that I’ve experienced. I learned to unearth my insides and squirrel away any bit of peace I’ve managed to stumbled into.

Some days I plot out a piece of pleasure. Other days I just sit back and let it unfold.

You know something truly makes you happy, when you look back 5, 10, 15  years and the thought of it still makes you smile.


Yesterday it began with having lunch with a colleague who I’ve been meaning to catch up with. She was a piece of my joy.

I spent a few stolen moments getting to know a little more about an intriguing friend. We talked and laughed and shared. He was a piece of my happiness.

Later that evening, I snagged a scented candle during a spontaneous shopping trip. It smelled like the ocean, so who could resist.  It added to the pieces of my peace.

I reclined in my bed, candle burning near by, reflected on my day and gathered my pieces once again.

Inhaling the sweet aroma, I found my personal peace within and rested…peacefully.



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