It’s Time For Change



By Dawn Onley

Change is scary business.

Change is this massive unknown looming over the horizon like the pending storm, and causing us to reach for the negative, the worst case scenario, the doom-and-gloom/sky-is-falling pejoratives, because we’ve become convinced that this is what change represents.

Change exposes our vulnerabilities and fears, in some cases leaving us wide open to judgment, opinion and ridicule – and most of this is self-inflicted. This is why people will choose the devil they’re with over the devil they’re unsure of. It never ceases to amaze me how we can be as miserable as a fish washed up on shore, with all life oozing out, yet many of us will choose this existence than one that has no guarantees. A sure death over a chance at a great life.

“Most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty,” according to Timothy Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek.

There’s an added fear if the change takes us to a new area where we have to meet new people and learn new things. When we switch jobs, we have to consider the new jobs’ benefits, salary, location, hours and job description to gauge whether it’s a good move.

But just what if what’s looming is not a storm, but the sunshine trying to break through the clouds? What if that bold move into your destiny puts a chain in motion for you and leaves you successful beyond your wildest dreams? What if one day you decide to take a chance on your dreams? On love? And what if it works out?

How do we ever learn what’s beyond the bend if we’re scared of change? How can we see the bright future that we continue to deny for more of the same overcast skies?


Sunrise in Myrtle Beach

Change is needed to grow. A change of scenery. A change of attitude. Change is scary, sure. But nothing is scarier than feeling stuck. What if your inability to change is suffocating your future?

We are on the cusp of a new year, with all of the hope that new beginnings bring. We should choose better for ourselves, starting with the best chance at a great life. And this starts with change.

Imagine that. It’s been within us all this time. It starts with our minds. It’s up to us to bring it out.

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