She’s Making a List and Checking it Twice

By Samantha McKenzie

With Christmas just a day away, you’ve probably been juggling lists to accommodate this joyous, albeit busy season.  There’s the lists for gifts, groceries, chores and the one to keep up with your spending frenzy. Don’t forget the reminders to take your vitamins, set your alarm an hour earlier and the sticky note on the refrigerator to call your boss.

Before the sun sets, I challenge you to make a different type of list. This one will be just for you. It shouldn’t include your children, spouse or friends. It will be a list designed with you in mind.

Welcome to your self-care list.

This will be an opportunity for you to explore ways to take better care of yourself. Everyone’s list will be slightly different. Some lists will read:

  1. Appointment to doctor/dentist
  2. Schedule massage
  3. Walk in the park 3x a week
  4. Breathe deeply

There may be other lists that sound more like this:

  1. Begin each day with an affirmation
  2. Read a romance novel
  3. Find healthier sugar substitute
  4. Meditate more…

It doesn’t matter what’s on your list.  The point is to take the time to focus on your mental, physical and spiritual well being. Spend a minimum of 10 minutes a day doing something on your self-care list. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve missed yourself. I’ll start with mine.

Samantha’s Self-Care List

  1. Spend 10 more minutes in the shower each day. Everything else can wait.

Share one of yours and remember to take care.


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