It’s 2016: Welcome to Day One!

By Samantha McKenzie

“Hope is not a passive word. To us, it is more like a divine force, a courage that is summoned from within; an idea that has come to time.”           

Women Who Hope

Welcome to Day 1 of the new year! Join the Women Who Hope community in sharing your goals, ambitions, and dreams for 2016.

We want to see and hear it all. Here’s to getting that new job, opening up your own business, saving for that new house, preparing for the new baby, fitting into those new jeans, rocking that new hair-do, and making your heart flutter all over again! What are you hoping for?


Here’s my in-progress vision board.


Go ahead, share your resolutions and be the first to tell us what’s in store for you. Happy first day of the year!

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