Finding Your Inspiration

By Samantha McKenzie

I find inspiration near the water. Practically any type of water will do it for me. I can gather it at the shores of an ocean, or from the cascades of a nearby waterfall. It revs up something in me when I’m standing near a roaring rapid and cozies itself next to me when I’m strolling by a quiet stream. I find it in the shower. When I stop to watch the rain. And in your tears.

I find inspiration in people. I can sit for hours and listen to a person’s life story. I will gravitate to those who beat the odds, who got dealt an awful hand, who overcame all types of adversity. I listen for the cues, for those “aha!” moments when courage is called upon and truth uncovered. That moment when you know there’s just no turning back. When pushing forward is all that’s left. When it’s just you. And you discover her.

I think it’s important to tap into what inspires you and fill up on it as often as you can. Let it fill your lungs like fresh air you can’t breathe without. Let inspiration be the new oil in your lamp as it guides you along your way.

Be open to inspiration when it comes, and it does quite often. 


Use up all the inspiration that’s available to you and let it drive your passions. Let it be encouraging. Let it interrupt. Let it be fierce.

Find inspiration in songs, in music, in dance and in art. In your mother’s wisdom, in her memories. Find inspiration from your children, and through the simple way they look at life. Find it in your stillness. In the peacefulness of nature and in the quietness of your mind. Just find it.

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