Stay the Course


By Dawn Onley

Anything worth pursuing, anything worth accomplishing, any dream worth realizing takes hard work and time. Nothing happens overnight.

Two weeks ago, I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app on my smartphone and it syncs with my Fitbit, giving me extra calories to burn each day based on my level of exercise. To top it off, I’m eating healthier, drinking more water, and have reduced my portion sizes. The outcome? I’ve lost 2.5 pounds over the past two weeks.

That’s right, just 2.5 pounds! All that work, all that effort, for such a small reward.

Deep down I knew it was going to be hard. Don’t believe anyone who tells you differently. There are no shortcuts. Refuse to drop another dime on a get-rich-quick scheme or a lose-weight-fast scam. Don’t get swept away by it. You could hit the Powerball – and believe me I tried — but the truth is you are more likely to become President of the United States or die as a result of a bee sting.

If it’s too good to be true, it is. If it comes too easy, it’s usually not lasting or worth much. Trust me. I’ve tried ’em all, and if I haven’t tried ’em, I’ve read articles or books about trying ’em, or I know people who have tried ’em. A whole slew of shortcuts, and I can’t think of a single one that worked. The truth is, you can’t eat pizza every day and lose weight, and if there’s someone hawking a pill that says you can, don’t believe them.

It’s a waste of time. Don’t get sucked in.

Nothing worth having comes easy. The realization of that is the hardest part of all. Once you get past that, you can set a strategy into motion of how you will eat healthier, get fit, start a business, finish school, build a nest egg, learn a trade, quit smoking, buy a house, and finally get over your fears.

Success is intentional. It is planned. It is acted upon. And it occurs over time, in a series of small, incremental steps that lead to big results. Think about your greatest accomplishments — crossing the finish line in a race, walking across the stage to receive your degree, nailing that test. It was all a result of your hard work. It didn’t happen overnight. You likely experienced some failures on your way to success, but you kept at it.

She decided

The answer to whatever great thing you want out of life is found in perseverance, determination and hard work. But in creating a life worthy of you, you shouldn’t expect anything less.

Stay the course. And, pray that I do as well.

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  1. Shel says:

    Amen… thank you for you inspurations! Dream it, imagine it & live it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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