Let’s Engage Life

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By Dawn Onley

This year, add something behind your name that isn’t there now.

Hiker. Reader. Dancer. Runner. Mom. Author. Cook. Swimmer. Investor. World traveler. Designer. Trainer. Potter. Scuba diver. Coach. Painter. Marksman. Wine connoisseur. Entrepreneur. Mrs.

This year, let’s engage our full selves in something we’ve wanted to do for awhile but never quite got around to doing. Let’s study it, learn it, throw ourselves into it. Let’s become good at it, even master it. Whatever it is.


But here are the rules: You can’t cheat and choose something you’re already doing. This should be something completely new; something that you’ve been interested in trying but up until now, you haven’t done anything tangible with this interest – perhaps out of fear, lack of time, money, or other resources, or just plain apathy. It’s easy to talk about things we’d like to try. Some of us have been doing that for years.

Stop making excuses. Do it! Finally. Delve deeper. These interests may spark some excitement in our lives. It may lead us to our passion. It could give us that push to try even more things. It may lead to a new job. How cool would it be to meet a love interest doing something you mutually both decided to try and found out you loved?

Let’s give it a chance. What do we really have to lose?

This is a great time. It’s just a few weeks into a brand new year. We are still feeling all hopey and happy, like we’re ready for a new adventure, so why not take full advantage of that feeling?


Whatever it is, research it. Save for it. Plan for it. But as Steve Harvey pointed out in a talk to his Family Feud audience after a recent show, don’t wait too long before you jump. Life rewards those who do, not those who talk about doing. As Steve said, we never fully experience life from the edge of the cliff. We must jump.

Don’t worry about being vulnerable. We all are. Don’t worry that you won’t like it. Chances are, if you think you will, there’s a good shot you will.

Let’s focus on some e’s this year – experiences, expeditions, endeavors, exercise, enlightenment.

Let’s be ebullient and effervescent, eager and energetic.

Let’s engage life, and let’s expect excitement in return.


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