Talented, Gifted People Abound

By Samantha McKenzie

I am totally inspired by talented people. I love to see people who are living their passion, using their gifts and plugging away at the things they were born to do.

This is the single most enjoyable thing you can do. And this is the sole reason we are all placed here on this planet. It has been inscribed in our DNA.

It doesn’t really matter what it is that you are good at. Some people excel in science, others take their talent to the stage. Some people can sit by themselves creating a piece of art, draft new idea, heal the sick, or map out their plans to become a space explorer.

You’ve seen them before. They are the ones who are completely happy, lost away in improving their craft. They spend hours perfecting their vision. They get frustrated and throw their hands up in defeat some days, but before you know it they are back at it again the next day.

I love these people. They make life interesting. They have found what makes them happy. I love even more that when they share their gifts and talents, it benefits other people around the world.

I’m inspired by my friend Gretchen who has a passion and a green thumb for nurturing plants. And my mother who cooks without regard for a recipe and you can always taste the love in her food. I admire my ex-husband who was born to teach martial arts. When he is in the dojo teaching his craft, he is at his best.

I am moved by people who sacrifice the frivolous to become great at what they love.

Like my ballet teacher, my choir leader and my economics teacher who made learning about supply and demand somewhat thrilling.

I seek these people out and watch them as they go about their day. I listen to them as they talk and pay attention to how the octaves in their voice increase when they are spouting out their passions.

This is the sound of the living.

People who are full of excitement about what they can produce. They can sometimes be difficult to live with or work with, but their contributions, in some way, make living in this world easier.


What’s your talent? Have you found your gift? Have you excelled in a particular field or found that you too have a knack for something?

Explore every bit of what brings you joy and don’t stop plugging away until you make it your lifestyle.


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