Life’s a Dance and You’re Always Learning a New Step

By Samantha McKenzie

Think about life as one big dance. One day you’re doing the Waltz and the next, you’re line dancing at your cousin’s wedding.



Like life, dances change. Some of them require a partner: The Waltz, the Fox Trot, the Tango. Then there are those you can do all by yourself. Some dances are done within a synchronized group, on center stage. There will be other dances that require less practice. You’ll get a call to meet up for one rehearsal before the next flash mob.

Depending on your tempo, you’ll have to keep your rhythm. You’ll have to jump in there and learn as you go.

I grew up watching the break dancers and pop lockers. Long after ballet classes and modern dance practice were over for me, I was spending my free time in the mirror trying to learn the Stomp or whatever was the latest craze in the hip hop world.

I can remember when the entire party would get in line for the Bus Stop. As I got older, it became the Electric Slide, then Wobble and the other line dances that followed – the ones that can still get an entire room on its feet.

In life, just like dance, you are going to have to decide to participate. You will learn what hard work is and commit the time to perfecting your art. Like dancers, you won’t get it right every time. You’ll go left when you were supposed to go right. You’ll take a running leap and your partner will fumble the catch. You’ll step on toes, take some falls and experience an injury or two.

But, like any good dancer, you’ll learn to brush off the embarrassing moments and get back out there.

You’ll love life so much, that you’ll be willing to put in the extra practice. You’ll pick your dance, and that perfect song and you’ll put in the work to make it sparkle. No matter what type of dance you are engaging in or whatever stage of life you happen to be in, you’ll learn to always show up and give it your best.

Until then, continue those private moments dancing in your living room or leading off the newest line dance at your next reunion. Remember, when life gets tough and when all else fails, you can always do the two step. Keep living.


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