The Good News Is…

By Samantha McKenzie

The good news is there’s always some good news to share. Yes, there’s bad news. And yes, the bad news sometimes sparks our interest the most.

Let’s face it, human beings are drawn to listen and read about the drama that goes on around the world. It’s shocking. It’s far-fetched. It’s alluring and it draws us in.

Good-News-II1womenBut the truth is, we have so much more good news to tell and need to share it.

So go ahead, say it!

Make it a daily activity to share one piece of good news. If it’s not your own, share something good you read about in the news. Practice passing on uplifting stories that add value to another person’s life.

Let ‘er rip.

When the “how was your day” question gets asked, don’t start off with the mess that happened at work. Instead, begin with your good news. “I got through my entire to-do list!”

Start positive. manwomanWhen the voice on the telephone says, “Hey, what have you been up to?” follow with a small victory. “I started working out again!”

Keep the good news flowing. Come up with new intros. Find something great to talk about each day and enjoy the positive energy that comes with it. The bad news, as we know, will take care of itself.



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