Write Yourself a Love Letter

By Samantha McKenzie

Write a love letter today. But this time, write it to yourself. I know, the idea seems a bit far fetched, a stretch of the imagination. It’s not what we’ve been taught to do, but do it anyway.

I have written quite a few love letters before. A romantic at heart, I have fallen in love, loved endlessly, transformed love, loved without measure, patched up love, loved fast and loved slowly. I’ve shared love willingly and have practiced unconditional love all too well. I’ve professed all this love on paper – some handwritten, stuffed in envelopes and mailed, some slid under a door or passed on through a friend and others I’ve typed and delivered by email.

write-letter-request-something_b5113b2712f2bb6bIt’s never been difficult for me to express love. I’ve done it all my life, without hesitation or regret.

Now, writing a love letter to myself is a different type of self-expression. With pen to paper my thoughts grow increasingly scattered and my emotions are tightly wound like a rubberband ball. Will this sound conceited or self-absorbed? Will anyone actually read it? Will they agree? Who writes nice things about themselves anyway?

And so I begin.

Dear Samantha,

I love you. I adore your warm spirit which can sometimes be infectious. And I like that you genuinely care for people. Scratch that. I love that you are always thinking about others, even when it means sacrificing your own needs. You’re easy to be around and always giving your time and energy when I need it the most. I love your sense of humor, even though you can’t stick a punch line to save your life (lol). I love your natural confidence and your willingness to be vulnerable. I love the depth that I see when I take the time to look into your eyes – I have at times witnessed your pure soul. You listen, you forgive and you inspire. I love your big ole heart and your constant thirst for knowledge. I love all those things about you…and so much more.



I quickly discover more things to love about myself as I continue to write. It was an awakening exercise.

Cassie-Quote-2Take this time to think about what you love about yourself. Then write it down. Write it over again. Let someone else read it. And then add some more things that you love about you.

Write your love letter today. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Date it, sign it and read it out loud on those days when you  need to keep yourself encouraged.

You deserve your precious love.

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