When Good Ain’t Good Enough

By Samantha McKenzie

Being good just isn’t good enough. Neither is mediocrity or the ordinary. Monday night’s NCAA championship buzzer beater was a testament. The time that we live in demands our very best. Who wants to be average anyway, when extraordinary is right at our fingertips?


Gone are the days when you could skate by with being seen and not heard. When longevity at a job almost guaranteed you a promotion or flying under the radar meant you were a team player. In a world with so many opportunities, there’s really nothing stopping our success. As we speak, young girls and boys, men and women are calculating their next move. They are deciding what obstacles to jump over and what walls to scale. They are thinking and doing, failing and pushing through and defying the odds. They won’t be stopped.chicago

Today calls for our greatness. Today dares us to bring our ideas into fruition.

Each day our news feeds and social media accounts are introducing the next “it” person. Talent is being discovered on YouTube, entrepreneurs are getting younger and younger, and start-up companies are becoming the “new” corporate America. The possibilities are endless and you are invited to participate.150528225250-spelling-bee-2015-champions-exlarge-169

“We’ve all been to the proverbial mountain and have seen the promised land…”mediocrity

Thankfully, mediocrity has been replaced. It’s been stomped out and paraded on by the new achievers. The “you only live once” generation. The ones who allow adversity to fuel them and turn unfortunate circumstances into platforms to springboard their success.

They know, like we all should, that greatness lies within.

So failure is an option, it’s even highly encouraged. And daydreamers aren’t failing school these days, they’re the new innovators. Nowadays, risk takers are both rewarded and applauded. And the real heroes are finally getting their 15 minutes of fame.

‘Cuz good ain’t good enough anymore.

It’s win or go home. So win.


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