Beauty Tips for Women Who Hope

By Samantha McKenzie

It’s time for a makeover. Today’s tips are a compilation of beauty secrets we’ve been around all of our lives. We’ve seen it in our homes, on TV and even on the big screen. So scroll down the list below and see which tips you’re already rocking and find some new ones just in time for spring.

Remember, we’re never too old to learn. Hopefully this short list will get us re-imagining ourselves and placing value on the things that really matter. Instead of covering up our flaws, join us in uncovering our inner beauty and letting it shine…beautifully.


Beauty Tips for Women Who Hope –

CONFIDENCE. This is one of the most subtle beauties. It walks into a room with you and commands everyone’s attention. Confident women are willing to speak up and share their knowledge when it’s needed. But it’s more than a word. It’s her presence. Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes and requires an unyielding belief in one’s self. Not necessarily in all things, but at all times. No matter who is in the room. She shows up. She remains sure-footed and determined. She stands and delivers. She is beautiful.

SERENITY. It takes a splendid woman to bring peace and serenity to an environment. No matter what the storm is in life, finding a gentle soul to guide you to a solemn place is an endearing quality. Women have an amazing ability to offer a soothing calmness to a troubled soul. This beauty comes through a kind word, a warm embrace, a shoulder to lean on or sweet space to let the silence escape. She is a firm resting place for mankind. She is a rare beauty. She is peace.

FAITHFULNESS. A woman who is full of faith is an extraordinary beauty. She centers herself in a higher power and can turn to her source in times of need. She walks the earth with surety and may weep only but for a short time. In the midst of all of the ups and the downs of life, she remains steadfast and faithful. Her hope is built on His promise and she will not waver. Her beauty shines brightly because she believes.

JOY. A three-letter word packed with a powerful punch. Joy is happiness on overload. Women who have joy can’t keep it to themselves. It’s a beauty that must be shared. It will burst out, jump with jubilance and be the cause for many celebrations. If you happen to be around a woman with joy, then you are bound to catch hold to it. Watch out, better yet, open up and let this beauty through.

STRENGTH. Feminine strength is wrapped in our divine and nestled in our very bones. It is at the disposal of every woman, if she chooses to use it. This strength, different than masculine strength, is soft and unyielding. It sets the way for others to follow. It shows up best under trial and welcomes kindred characteristics like endurance, perseverance and fortitude. Feminine strength is protective in nature and is willing to serve the whole. It’s quite miraculous and leaves many in wonderment. It’s a beauty that commands respect.

CREATIVITY. She is the architect of the new heaven. Her talents and gifts lend to her creativity. Her hands bring forth beauty after beauty, enough to fill a whole world. Her creativity is intelligence wrapped in a warm blanket. It mirrors her heart. What she can produce has no end. From the mud huts to the mansion, she can make a room sparkle. This beauty is boldly fascinating and widely loved. For she is a creative beauty herself.

FRIENDSHIP. This beauty can last a lifetime. When we were young, friends meant we had something in common. As we mature, friends can be our total opposite. This helps us grow. Beautiful friendships share secrets, dreams and some days our ridiculousness. They are truth tellers, counselors and sometimes mentors. They don’t judge. And if they do, they have our permission. They span neighborhoods, state lines and borders. They exist, beautifully, in their own special ways. One equally as beautiful as the next.


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  1. Shel says:

    Awesome tips to inspire our inner beauty!!!

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