Sip Tea, Breathe Easy, Use Time More Wisely

By Samantha McKenzie

We live in a society so pressed for time, so obsessed with doing stuff, that we no longer value precious time. We’re the champions of devouring space, multi-tasking and consuming the next to-do item. Perhaps, it provides us with a sense of purpose. A sort of security blanket that makes us feel like we are really living. But are we?


I know. I’m guilty as charged. I’m notorious for watching the clock, fitting in one more assignment, using my commute to keep my friendships alive via Bluetooth…and well, it’s a daily struggle. I had to hit the pause button and really rethink my steps. I had to reorganize my mind to accept the fact that I misuse it. Sometimes. A lot. Way too often. It was time for a change.

So I decided to sip more tea, breathe a little easier and use time more wisely.time2

I began to mentally pack up the old way of doing things and declutter my physical day. Off went the superwoman cape and away went the smartphone. It was for my own good, I told myself (even though I knew I had all intentions of fighting back).

I wanted to use the space that time had created. I took a long walk with no destination. I sat on the porch in complete silence. I forced my thoughts to relax. And then I let my mind wander into memories of old friends and lost loved ones. I forgot how much I had missed them. It felt really, really good to just allow myself the time to think freely. With no purpose…unintentionally. A few peaceful moments just for me.

It’s not easy to sit still or to carve out time in your schedule to do relaxing things. You won’t have to abandon your to-do list altogether. You will have to negotiate with yourself. Give yourself permission to let it all go. You may create a permanent time in the day…or take 15 minutes bursts to get centered. There’s no right way to do it. Start with a list of things you used to do that made you happy. And then, find away to get back there.

Sip tea more tea. Listen to an entire CD without interruptions. Take an extended shower.

Nap. Dream. Eat slowly. Smell freshly picked flowers. Pass by a bakery. Smile at a stranger. Dance without music. Giggle at an old joke. Hear yourself breathing. Be still and use time wisely.

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