Energy Gets Results

Be the Energy

By Dawn Onley

“Energy gets results.” These words come from my mentor, Glenn Proctor. Although I find the words to be true, the older I get, I also find it tougher to sustain high levels of energy throughout the day.

Tougher, that is, without assistance.

Cue one-a-day vitamins, wheatgrass shots, brief bursts of high-intensity workouts, a steady stream of fun experiences to keep me motivated and loving life, plenty of water and leafy veggies, casual daily nature walks, a sheer desire to want to succeed, and my 3-year-old son, who, admittedly, I struggle to keep up with at times.

Absent all of that, and my 46-year-old body might want to sleep all day.

It takes energy to get things done. It’s one thing many effective leaders have in common. They have the energy it takes to lead, to keep pushing, to get results. It takes energy to rise to the top and it takes energy to stay there. It takes energy to accomplish anything worth accomplishing. When I consider the things where I’ve put maximum effort into — like training to run the New York City Marathon a few years ago — I reaped maximum reward.

New York City Marathon

Do whatever it takes. Develop a rhythm that works well for you. Eat healthy. Get your rest. Take vitamins if need be. But keep your energy level high.

Energy gets results.

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