Indulge in Your Curiosities

By Samantha  McKenzie

I grew up hearing the phrase “curiosity killed the cat.” I think this was my parents way of saying being too curious would get me into trouble. It was their way of telling us children to mind our own business. But curiosity never really killed any cat. And even though my folks discouraged nosiness, they sure did want us to be curious about learning new things and indulging in the possibilities of what the world had to offer.

curiioustyCuriosity should be encouraged in all of us. It is the spark that ignites our intelligence. It’s like taking desire, intrigue and creativity and watching it discover the unknown. It awakens us, draws us in and makes us come back for more.

I’ve always remained curious. I was the type of child that was always asking why. My discoveries sometimes led me to living a life against the grain, breaking a few family traditions and questioning authority. I count my curiosity, to this day, as both a blessing and a privilege.

Being curious is a necessary part of life. It is an intricate part of the growth process. Being curious stimulates innovation, enhances discoveries and even motivates us to seek answers, ask more questions and not accept the ordinary. Curiosity ushers in understanding and often is the driving force that pushes us into a new course.


It also makes most of us uncomfortable because with it comes change. It makes some of us restless and staying up all hours of the night because we can’t shake it.

Where would we be without our curiosities? I’m thankful for modern technology and those who burned the midnight oil trying to figure out an algorithm to make it work. I’m thankful for those curious souls who travel to outer space to learn more about this vast universe. I’m grateful for people who show up at work and school questioning the status quo.

Be creative. Be hungry for the unknown. Be curious, and watch it evolve into tomorrow’s solutions.

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