Surround Yourself with People Who Propel You

By Samantha McKenzie

It’s time for change.

This is not a political tagline, but an exercise in personal development. It’s time we surround ourselves with people who propel us.


It’s not unusual that our friends and family – the ones we spend the most time with – are people we find comfort in. These are the people who see us for who we really are and who love us unconditionally. It’s human nature to seek comfort in others. But let’s face it, we tend to take advantage of these types of relationships. They often become security blankets for us. They listen to us. They endure our sedentary behavior. They give us room to pacify ourselves back to sleep. And whether we admit it or not, we love it.


Who really wants to be challenged anyway?

It’s time we take inventory of what we say we want and then surround ourselves with people who push us to our limits. This means we may have to identify other people who’ll require us to “put up or shut up” and those who are willing to make us feel “temporarily” uncomfortable until we get to that next level.

comfortzoneFind a person who is doing what you’d like to do one day.

Find a person who is your opposite.

Find someone who has skills you are lacking.

Find a person who will help you set timelines, who will not accept excuses, and who will challenge you to be your very best.

Surround yourself with a new set of accountability partners, a select group of people who won’t let you off the hook.

It’s time we move out of our comfort zone.


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