Choose Wisely

She believed she could

By Dawn Onley 

You have more than enough. You are more than enough.

Although it may not seem like it when the bills are due, even less so after they are paid, your life is brimming with abundance! There is ample food and drink. You have a home. You have people who love you and whom you love. You have a job. You have mobility. You have friends. You have clothing. You have lived to see another day. You have talents that are unique to you. You have hobbies and interests. You have dreams. You have purpose.

You are the 1 percent to many people living around the world. And you have a responsibility to do something with your First World blessings.

Repeat after me: I have everything within me to fulfill my divine destiny in life. And, I will fulfill this destiny.

Say it every day until you believe it. You are still here, for a reason. Throw out anything that stands in the way of your purpose. Then throw out anything that runs counter to your newfound mentality of abundance. You can’t have both forces operating in your life. Abundance can’t share the same space as scarcity. Lack and enough can’t cohabitate in your mind.

You have to pick a side. Choose wisely.

You are not a victim


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  1. Shel says:

    Believe & Receive….I have Enough!!!

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