Be Silent, Be Still, Be Quiet

By Samantha McKenzie

I’m a talker. Not quite at the Chatty Cathy level, but I have my moments. I’m also a listener. I will lean into a good story and hone in on the delicate parts that point my soul to the human spirit.

Quiet time, however, usually occurred during my sleep. Yes, I am guilty as charged. I had to learn how to appreciate silence. I had to teach myself how to be still and fight the urge to fill the silent space.

I learned to accept the sacredness of its existence.

I will admit, it was a struggle. I had no appreciation for the power it provided, until now.

These days, I’ve come to crave those necessary moments of stillness. I pay more attention to the sounds that silence ushers in. I seek it out now and even find ways to pencil it in. I’ve learned to give myself permission to enjoy its unique value to my life.


Silence offers many benefits. It’s a time to release, restore and to heal.

In these quiet spaces, we get to decompress and declutter what’s inside of our heads. We may not even realize how much information is being crammed into our brains on a daily basis. We need a temporary moment to reflect, redirect and rebuild our energy. It is a necessary indulgence. We need our quiet time.

Shutting down from outside influences and just listening to our own thoughts is healthy. Use your still time to filter, sort through and purge.

mj-quote-silence-no-opinion-pink-flower-in-water-bowl.pngI am thankful for my quiet moments nowadays. I use it to think freely, to let go of outdated opinions, to forgive, to breathe easier and to heal my inner self.

I deserve that time and so do you. Be still.





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  1. Shel says:

    Agreed!!! Enjoy the peace of silence….

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