Pulling the Weeds, Growing the Flowers


“Weeds need to be pulled and removed from the garden or else they could choke the flowers to death. The same with life.” – Dawn Onley

By Dawn Onley

I’ll bet there are some things in your life (let’s call these things weeds) that may be hindering your growth in a particular area. While these weeds grow wild, the way that weeds do, they may be blocking you from experiencing the flowers.

Flowers are a metaphor for blessings, for beauty and love, for joy and contentment. Flowers represent our best lives. Weeds represent drama and stress and worry and pain and sadness and toxicity. Weeds symbolize people or things or situations. They are all around us and look for opportunities to infest our thoughts with negativity and our outlooks with despair.

Sometimes it’s tough to avoid the weeds. They grow faster than we can rid our lives of them. They are in the disparaging remarks. They are in the situations that pop up overnight that cause us to fret and brood. They are in the people who suck out of our cups, who cause us to feel drained and depleted because of all that we give and all that they take.

Weeds permeate every square inch of land until they have overgrown any semblance of order and until they have hidden any sign of beauty. Weeds are neglected and through the neglect, they can create chaos, destroying stuff along their path.

We have to remain mindful at all times of the beauty in our lives. We have to take particular care and attention to water and prune the flowers. We need to cut back the weeds, although we need to learn the lessons that weeds bring us. They aren’t all bad. Weeds help us to realize how tough we are and they build something inside of us that can’t come any other way.

Weeds help us to appreciate the flowers.

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