Find Your Anchor

By Samantha McKenzie

I tried to make sense of the past few days. The hate. The violence. The fear. And that was before the peaceful protests turned into riots.

screenshot_20160922-222232I called my son who lives in Charlotte, NC, multiple times. I prayed for the grieving families and the police officers, intermittently, throughout the quiet times of my day.

I watched people carry on, business as usual. I was careful to drive the speed limit. I wanted, like you, to make it home safely.

I searched around for a word, a feeling, a moment of clarity. I wanted something positive to say. What do women who hope do now?

And it came to me. We anchor down.

In the midst of chaos, we find our steady. In the midst of storm, we are the peace. We hold on because letting go is unfamiliar to us.

We find our source and carry one another to safer ground.

Find your anchor sis, and let it hold you down.


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  1. Lynn says:

    Yes perfect peace!!!
    The storms are raging but I’m anchor in the Lord!!
    The ship has be batterred!! But my soul is anchored in the Lord!

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