A Woman’s Feelings

By Samantha McKenzie

I no longer wish to talk about women and our complex emotions in a negative way. We are not from another planet nor are we crazy. We are highly intelligent emotional human beings. And we are logical too. We are amazing, deeply sensitive and beautiful people who love to express our feelings.


We are driven by our feelings and passionate about letting others know about it.

Let’s face it, we are a gender of people who emote. When we are expressing feelings of happiness, joy, and admiration, there aren’t many complaints and all is well with the world. But when those feelings turn to anger, disgust and sadness, then the conversation changes. It gets piercingly uncomfortable. People run away from you. Others learn how to tune you out. Some call you nasty names.

What we truly need during those tough moments are genuine people who want to offer us consolation and solutions to life’s dilemma.

We are a package deal. We embody it all, a full range of competing emotions.

Embrace it. Accept it. Own it.

The woman who expresses her love for you, is the same person who may sometimes be disgusted with your behavior. The woman who gets up early in the morning to make you a hot breakfast, is the same person who won’t take your mess anymore. We are allowed to be ourselves, and with that comes a beautiful complex human being who nurtures the world.

So just remember, our Creator didn’t make any mistakes. We are made to share our joy, our love and our all of our emotions to help perfect humanity. Be encouraged.


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  1. Shel says:

    Amen Sista!

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