The Season of Transition

By Samantha McKenzie

After several days of non-stop rain – the whirlwind residue of Hurricane Matthew – and the soppy weather that serenaded most of my weekend, it was clear that the autumn weather had finally announced its arrival.

There’s something to be said about having to stay indoors. It provided me the privilege to pause and the good sense to stay put; to unProject sample 3clutter my mind with things to do and detox my soul from everything that lay beyond my front door.

I took the opportunity to massage my thoughts, reflecting on where I’ve been, poking feverishly into new possibilities.

Autumn – the season that ushers in the cool air and gives way to getting rid of the old. I felt the transition unfolding.

It made me really contemplate my next steps and where I want to be. That’s almost a chronic thing with me. My soul is always moving beyond me, tugging at my mind, not at all amused by my slow pace.

I wanted to use this time to think of an illuminated future, one where my choices were free of baggage and my decisions were cemented in the chance of new beginnings.

When I awoke this morning, I realized that today was no different than any other day. That each new day really does offer us the chance to try again. A fresh start in some aspect of your being is always needed.

I needed a new start at eating healthier and a better way to improve my concept of work, life, balance. I didn’t check any email and mostly everything I ate this weekend was green. I tossed around the idea of adding yoga into my lifestyle after reading that it would help release the toxins trapped within my body.

With every chance we get to see the sunrise, the morning unveils the beginning of day and an opportunity to leave the past in the distance.

I can hold on to an unprofitable past or decide against it. I can cling to stories that yield no gain or I can forgive my footsteps. 

The dawn exposes the light and allows us to start over. I can give birth to the new.

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