Capture It. Create It.

female hands with pen writing on notebook on grass outside

“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.” — Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

By Dawn Onley

Pull out a blank piece of paper.

At the top of it, write this: “In five years, I will be …”

Then, list as many words to describe what your future holds for you.

An entrepreneur? A college graduate? Healthy? A homeowner? A world traveler? Debt free? Married? A mom? Living in a new city? Cancer-free? An author? An artist? Wealthy? A vegetarian? A runner? A caregiver? An investor? Writing my dissertation? Retired? A swimmer? A success?

Whatever you dream for yourself, capture it on this sheet of paper. Don’t hold back. Just write. Don’t think too hard or take too long. Don’t you dare talk yourself out of your words. Instead, let your words flow freely. If you feel it, chances are it’s something you’ve been wanting to do. Capture it.

Every good thing, claim it for yourself. Only you get to determine what’s good for you.

Fill up at least half a sheet of paper with these actionable dreams.

How will you get there? What will it take? What will you need to let go of to reach your goals?

Write the answers to these questions on the back of the paper.

This is where it all starts. It may seem simplistic, but when we write it down, it helps to keep us focused. It makes it easier for us to make happen. It’s all about intention and purpose.


Do this exercise.

Keep the paper.

Remember the date.

Get to work.

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