Embrace the Butterflies

By Samantha McKenzie

Ever get that fluttering feeling in the pit of your belly? The one that comes from an overabundance of excitement, the jitters, or those rare moments when the person you like finally notices you.


My girlfriend apparently has a honing device inside of her tummy. It’s really amazing. There are times when she thinks of a person and immediately gets butterflies in her mid-section. She describes it as little happy flutters that start in the stomach and travel softly through her body. It gives her energy and excites her thoughts. “This is when I know that someone is thinking about me,” she shared. Within minutes, maybe hours, she will get a phone call from that special person.

I, on the other hand, experience a different type of energy. It feels more like a knot, but distinctly different from the “fight or flight” pangs of anxiety that usually occupy the same region of my body. These knots are a welcomed guest inside of me. They get playfully tied up when the person I want to hear from “the most” pops up or says something endearingly sweet. I get this feeling too when I’m surrounded by something extremely beautiful – like a waterfall, a field of flowers or a quiet ocean view.

The butterflies, the knots, and all the other sensations that awaken our enigma are signs that something meaningful is taking place. Invite it in.

butterflies-in-your-stomach-83195It still tickles me the way twins finish each other sentences, or people who have been married for decades know what the other is thinking before they open their mouth. I am a firm believer that thoughts travel. We’ve all had a moment when we think about someone and then out of nowhere, they appear. I believe these are our messages from the universe that although we are many, we are still only one.

There are several other small occurrences that happen in our daily lives that are nothing short of miracles, like déjà vu or out-of-body experiences.  I welcome it.

I’ve come to embrace our connectedness to all that this life has to offer. And I’ve come to invite the closeness that we share with what’s around us. I respect it.

Our universal togetherness. This is how life should be.

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