Cheers to Motherhood

By Samantha McKenzie

By far, the most important job in the world is motherhood.

Cheers to all the mom’s out there who sacrifice their lives, their time and their sanity to care for a special little person.

Cheers to the scars you received and the tears you shed in the daily course of loving someone else.

screenshot_20161215-193931Cheers to juggling your schedule, driving back home to get the forgotten homework and making all those sniffles miraculously go away.

Hats off to the grandmothers, aunties, step moms and the surrogates, who, without hesitation, step in there to fill in the gaps. There’s no village without you.

Cheers to all moms. Every human success exists because of you. Every loving gesture or act of kindness is yours too.

Thank a mother today. We make the world go ’round. Cheers!



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