Vision Boards Help Us Visualize Success


By Dawn Onley

This year, I traveled to Athens and a few of the Greek Islands with my niece.


I started a daily walking regimen.

I read more books – not just for fun, but with intention and on purpose. I also wrote more.

I envisioned a Cleveland Cavaliers playoff victory (seriously).

My husband and I bought a house.

I found peace and quiet – even if I haven’t fully mastered yet how to relax.

I tried many new recipes and tasted foods I had never heard of.

I started going to a monthly women’s Bible fellowship and I recommitted myself to studying and learning more about the books in the Bible.

Much of this was the result of creating a “Vision Board,” a creative channeling process designed to help us bring into existence the things that we visualize and hope to accomplish. Nine years ago was when I first started putting together Vision Boards and I’ve done it annually ever since.

Vision Board

Essentially here’s how it works: Grab a stack of magazines, a poster board, markers and a glue stick. Next, search for words and images of places you want to go, experiences you want to have, things you want to accomplish, ways you want to give back, etc. next year. Glue them to the board. If you can’t find the word or phrase, write it down. When you’re done, hang the board in a prominent place in your house where you will see it daily (e.g. closet, bedroom, office).

Next, incorporate some actionable steps you can take toward achieving your vision. These steps don’t have to get you from Point A to Point Z right now, but they do have to move you from Point A to Point B for starters, because what’s the use of going through this process if you’re not committed to moving the needle? One effective way of incorporating steps is by placing weekly “to do” items that correlate with your goals on a list in a notebook and checking off the items as they are achieved.


Yesterday, I worked on my 2017 Vision Board, alongside my four nieces, nephew and little cousin — who all created some real gems. I’m so delighted to see a younger generation of family realizing the potential of determining their dreams for the upcoming year and exerting a more concentrated focus to see those dreams to fruition.

It’s possible. It’s remarkable how it works. I’d encourage you all to try it. To write down your goals. To study them on a daily basis. To create actionable plans to accomplish them. To invest your time and focus to the process.

And to watch the chain of events that follow.

Sweet success! Trust. And, believe.

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