TODAY, Take One Small Step

female hands with pen writing on notebook on grass outside

By Dawn Onley

Do one thing today that will move you in the direction of your dreams.

Just one thing.

One new thing.

Do something that you haven’t done before in pursuit of the thing that you fantasize about. The thing that you were born to do. The thing that will give you peace. The thing that will make you happy. The thing that you would do right this second if all of your bills were paid, your kids were grown, through college and out of the house, you weighed 40 pounds less, had a man, had somebody to watch after your momma, could start over, didn’t fear getting your heart broken, or looking like a fool, or failing, or succeeding, or any and every other excuse you and I tell ourselves to keep us from “the thing.”

Make one phone call.

Send one email. Pen one letter.

Research one topic.

Find one contact.

Read one article.

Buy one book.

Record one video.



Stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself and declare one thing.

Tell one person what you plan to do.

Set a date.

Write it down.



See yourself doing it.

We often stand at the bottom of the staircase, peering up to the top, lamenting the journey it’ll take. Feeling tired and complacent at the thought of the effort required, we choose to stay downstairs where it’s familiar and easy and where the walking is smooth and even.

We rationalize this by saying things like “I’m tired” or “there’s always tomorrow” or “I’m just not cut out for this” or “If only I were 20 years younger…”


Deep down inside, though, we don’t believe it. If we did we wouldn’t still yearn. It would be settled within us. But it’s not. We wouldn’t still look up. Yet we do.

Deep down we know we have what it takes, even if we try to convince ourselves otherwise.

Know this: Each step brings us closer.

We can walk slowly, hold onto the rail if need be, but we must start climbing. We cannot afford to put it off any longer. It’s killing us. We’re hurting.

Be honest.

Our destiny depends on our forward movement.

If we scale one stair at a time, the journey is less arduous, less daunting.

Do one thing.

Take one step.

Start the journey.


Right now.

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