Can You Tell it Like it is?

By Samantha McKenzie

Can you tell it like it is? I’m not talking about harsh, angry or critical talk. That would be too easy. When some people get upset, they’re likely to let it rip. In their anger, they may find a few sour words to hurl your way. You’ve either been the giver or receiver in this scene before and it sucks.

But today, I want to know if you can tell it like it is when there’s something positive to say. Can you tell it like it is when love’s at stake? Can you tell it like it is when it’s time to boost a friend’s confidence? Or when you notice that your child needs an extra dose of encouragement? Can you tell it like it is then? Like when it really counts?

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I want you to tell it like it is when you first realize that you really like the guy. I want you to seize the moment and share the feeling exactly when it starts vibrating down in your tummy. Don’t save it for later. Don’t start calculating how long you’ve known him or the fact that he hasn’t said it yet himself. Don’t listen to the fear in your head that’s telling you to wait, because waiting is what we’ve been taught to do. It’s the fake shield of protection that’s supposed to make our decisions “sound better” but it doesn’t and we soon learn that there’s a risk either way. So tell it like it is.

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I want you to tell it like it is when a friend says something unbelievably profound. You know those moments when a person speaks to you. It’s like their words were meant just for your benefit. It answered a silent prayer, solved a pesty problem or became the last missing piece to a puzzle. It immediately fed your soul and made an impact on your life. In that moment, you should tell it like it is.

I want you to tell your children like it is when you see they’re doing something right. When they’re exhibiting acts of kindness or honesty. Remind them how valuable they are and encourage them to keep up the extraordinary work. I want you to tell your parents like it is when your finally able to understand why they raised you the way they did. Tell them that you understand that their discipline was truly a form of love and that you get it…finally.

Tell a stranger like it is. Tell someone less fortunate like it is. Tell yourself like it is. Image result for parents helping children

The next time you bow your head in prayer, tell it like it is. Tell God how it really is.

Keep telling it like it is.

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