Guts, Grit and Grind Time

By Samantha McKenzie

Can you feel it? Are picking up on the vibes we’re giving off? Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last year or so, you’ve had to witness this beautiful transformation that’s taking place.

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Ladies worldwide are bursting at the seams with guts, grit and grind. We’re lending our voices to every injustice that’s been in our way and there’s nothing that’s going to stop us.

Girl power is alive and well. It’s on display in every corner of the world. It’s happening in the board room, in the classroom and on the picket lines. This girl is no longer quiet nor shy. She’s not trying to dress it up or make it sound politically correct. This modern day pioneer doesn’t necessarily wear pink either.

We’ve changed the rules, reset the deck and are dancing to the beat of our own drum.

With guts, grit and grind, women are lending their voices to every thing worthy. We’re finding our purpose, marrying it with our passions and plowing away, full steam ahead.

Listen, the new “she” is unscripted. She’s rowdy. She’s not waiting for invitations. She walking through doors, full of conviction and daring anyone to stop her. This indomitable force is on fire. This force is fluid and agile. She’s you.

You can see it when you scroll through social media sites. Women are pushing back with one unifying message: We won’t be silent.

Let’s hear if for these amazing ladies who came through for 2017.

Keep your faith. Stay organized. Spend your dollars in the right places. Make your vote count. Never stop fighting. Hold people accountable. Don’t get discouraged. Inspire others to do the same. Make it count. Take it personal. Find something you can sink your teeth in and don’t let go. And no matter what happens, don’t trade your silence for your comfort. Our children are counting on you.

Here’s to our guts, our grit and our grind. We salute you.

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