Warrior Women: Unleash Your Courage

“We may place blame, give reasons, and even have excuses, but in the end, it is an act of cowardice to not follow your dreams.” – Steve Maraboli


Indomitable will

By Dawn Onley

In the quiet of the early dawn or the stillness of the night is when dreams manifest.

It’s not in the roar of the day, when the kids need breakfast and to be whirled off to school, or when the client report is due on the same day that you have three meetings lined up. In the frenetic rush of just daily living, dreams have a tendency to get lost. That’s life’s great hustle – to keep us so consumed with staying above water that our dreams drown.

We look up one day to find we’re 50 years old and are still waiting to live. Waiting to pay off the mortgage. Waiting for the kids to go off to college. Waiting to get vested. Waiting to travel. Waiting to love. Always, waiting.


In the hushed peacefulness of a new day, we can silence out the noise and listen to our heart’s whisper. As we listen to the rain beat softly against the windowpane, we start to hear courage in our heartbeat, in our breath, in the haze that is clearing our mind, making room for understanding and manifestation. We learn that it’s time to cast out fear and indecision, which is another word for fear. It’s time to walk into our purpose. Safety is for those who desire the status quo. For those of us who desire new blessings and unlimited possibilities, it’s time to go after life’s promise.

Our world is in critical need of our contributions. All of them. When we play small, it doesn’t help anyone – the least of all, us.

Leap. Jump. Skip. Run. Walk. Crawl, if need be, into this new day, with the certainty and knowledge of a good decision. Move. Change the winds. Turn the tide. Make a ripple.

It’s time. Own it.


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