Strike While Your Iron is Hot

Blacksmith at work in anvil

By Samantha McKenzie

There’s something to be said about a blacksmith’s grueling job of heating metals at the right temperature and hammering them into shape. She has to be strong, quick, focused, and determined to complete the task ahead. Experience has taught her that the temperature must be just right. If she strikes too soon or too late, she will fail. Her success comes from striking while the iron is hot.

We should apply the same principles in accomplishing our goals. The heat is that excitement we have when we come up with a new idea for a business, sign up for a class, learn a new trade, get an opportunity to travel, or meet a new love interest. This heat feeds our passion and drives us to want more.


Sometimes we allow fear to enter into our thoughts and then doubt follows closely behind. We tell ourselves we can’t, or that we shouldn’t or that we might fail. But these are the moments in which we must act. These are the moments that take us to the next level and help us discover what we are made of.


When we allow our dreams and desires to “cool off” our excitement fades away.  Like iron, we can’t bend or shape our ideas without the proper heat. I challenge myself to strike while the iron is hot. I drown out negative thoughts that creep in. Every time an obstacle presents itself, I commit to finding a solution. I limit who I share my ideas with. You know the people who think it’s their job to tell you why it’s impossible? The “ice” people I call them. They project their fears and failures onto you and with all of their good intentions, they aid in cooling you off.

Strike while the iron is hot. Take action. It doesn’t have to be a big act, small ones work just fine. Sometimes this means I make a telephone call, schedule a tour or do some research. Other actions cause me to make an appointment, make a date, or write a chapter.


The point is that these ideas are the flames that fuel us into actions and toward our success. Remember to stay strong, quick, focused and determined.

Strike while your iron is hot.

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