8 Ways to Show Appreciation to Our Big, Beautiful Earth


By Dawn Onley

A happy childhood memory for me was the apple tree in my grandparents’ backyard. I treasured the times that I got to help pick the apples because I knew before long I would be smacking my lips on some apple pie, stewed apples, applesauce, apple fritters, you name it. Near the apple tree, in their huge garden, grew a variety of vegetables, including tomatoes, onions and peppers, and the sweetest watermelon, which I would eagerly check on after I got home from school to see if any were ripe enough to pick.

I grew up in the 1970s and 80s, back when kids spent a lot of time outdoors. We loved riding our bikes, games of tag and hide and seek, kickball, jump rope and jacks. I loved seeing how high I could swing before jumping off. I would come inside and my mom would say “you smell like the Great Outdoors!”

Whenever Earth Day rolls around, it always conjures up these childhood memories. It also helps to center my thoughts on ways that I can help take better care of Mother Earth and promote healthy, sustainable living, today and in the future. For me, this means doing my part to take care of the environment, but it also means taking care of myself, offering up a smile and a nice word to people who I come in contact with, and striving to be a source of love and light in a sometimes dreary world.

cherry blossom

There are countless things that we can all do – small and large — to promote the value of our environment and preserve our Earth while uplifting its inhabitants. This Saturday, in honor of Earth Day, I’d like to suggest 8 ways we can celebrate and appreciate our big, beautiful Earth:

Avoid Driving Today. Get your exercise on by walking to your destination. Try to leave your car (and pollution) at home on this day. Or, if you can’t avoid it all together, reduce it. Next week, consider carpooling, taking the bus or train to work, biking in, or if you have a flexible work environment like I do, telecommute. The longer you can keep your car parked, the better.

Pay Online: Tell your bank, utilities, creditors, etc. to hold the paper statements and review/pay your accounts online. Think of all the trees you’ll save!

Volunteer: There are a ton of organizations that you can volunteer for on Earth Day. Check your local Sierra Club or newspaper events listings in your area for ideas. Or, you can commit to helping someone in a less formal way, say by blessing someone in the hospital with flowers, preparing a meal for a senior, reading a book to kids in your neighborhood, or planting a tree to beautify the Earth.

Donate: Gather up your excesses and bag ‘em. You know you have clothes, shoes, accessories, dishes, equipment, etc. that you no longer wear or use. Donate it to a worthy organization so that someone who really needs it can benefit.

Grow a Garden: Grow flowers. Grow shrubs. Grow food. You can even grow fresh herbs in your house. This is a sweet smooch to the Earth. I’ve recently decided to plant a few fruit bushes and I’m researching apple tree varieties. Because… childhood memories, organic eating and Earthly love!

brussels sprouts

Recycle: It’s really important. Make the effort. Do it until it becomes a habit.

Consume Less Energy: Turn off the lights. Open up the windows and keep the air conditioning off as long as possible. Disconnect plugs from outlets when not in use.

Take a Nature Walk: It’s Spring! Flowers are starting to bloom. Birds are chirping. The weather is warming up. There is so much beauty to appreciate out there among the trees and the trails. Get out there and soak it up!

beautiful bird

We only have one Earth. Let’s keep it beautiful for our children and our children’s children. Let’s make every day, Earth Day.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Debbie Dowling says:

    Good advice! Nature walks easy to find around here, luckily. And I was planning on planting today anyway. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Debbie. Happy planting!


  2. Mary O. Hoy says:

    Beautiful article, well thought out and with an achievable goal. Just doing any one or two of your ideas will greatly improve our precious Earth. Thanks,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Aunt Mary! I think that beautiful patio of yours could keep some flowers, some herbs and maybe even a tomato plant or a fruit bush. Something to consider. Love ya!


  3. Jane Brewer says:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Aunt Janie!


  4. Karen L. Hall says:

    Thanks for 8 great suggestions, some of which I’m already doing. I love your inclusion of ways to care directly for people, as well, as part of Earth Day. I smiled at the reading of your childhood memories and enjoyed very much the pictures accompanying the article. I have just one suggestion for my niece who works so very hard and accomplishes so very much every day: on Earth Day rest as long as you can as peacefully as you can as you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while sipping your favorite vino from the comfort of your hammock. Cheers to you on Earth Day!

    Liked by 1 person

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