Life’s Not Typical, So Enjoy Your Today

By Samantha McKenzie

I felt really blessed to wake up this morning. I felt unusually thankful for having THIS particular day ahead of me, so I decided to use it wisely and accept these things as my simple truths:

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Life’s never going to be typical.

Each day is going to be filled with irony.

There will be at least one hour of unpredictable occurrences.

I may encounter an obstacle, a blow to the ego or even a slight jolt to the soul.

I’ll find one person to inspire, and bump into another who will leave me encouraged.

I may not follow my diet, but I’ll get closer to my goal.

It’s possible that I’ll miss the bus, forget my wallet or show up 10 minutes late to a meeting.

Related imageSomeone will inadvertently tick me off.

I will inadvertently tick someone off too.

I will say a prayer before lunch and let out a few curse words by dinner.

Someone will take my parking space.

I’ll end up going back to the grocery store because I forgot the one item that I went in to purchase.

My child will ask me a question that will leave me baffled. Like, “so where do babies really come from?”

I will find a typo in an email right after I hit the send button.

I will come up with an excuse why I can’t go to the gym.

I will ignore my excuse and go to the gym anyway.

There’s going to be one more document the financial aid office will need before they approve next semester’s loan.

I will only complete 4 tasks on my list of 10 things to do.

I will be forced to loosen my control.

Today won’t be typical.

I will remember to stay flexible and pleasant as I maneuver through each situation. I will end my day with a good laugh, because there’s humor in the living.

I’ll give up the idea that everyday is supposed to be perfect and understand that no matter how hard I wish there were more hours in a day, there aren’t. The undone pile of everything will have to wait on me.

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Life isn’t perfect, it’s unique.

Each day will present itself as it sees fit.

Both the mountains and the valleys offer value and some sort of sublime purpose, so pay attention.

Yesterday isn’t coming back.

Enjoy your today.


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  1. Shel says:

    Indeed, Happy Friday!

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