Praying hands

By Dawn Onley

A recurring thought keeps buzzing about my brain these past few weeks: “Dawn,” it reminds me in a familiar voice that sounds a lot like my own, “when you send up a prayer, make sure you’re ready when God answers.”

“Don’t brood on it and don’t forget about it. Don’t leave it hanging out there in the great ether. Don’t just pray without ceasing. Don’t just believe. That’s not enough. Open your eyes to follow where that prayer leads you. Prayer requires persistence, urgency and follow-through.”

“Make sure it’s resolved. Don’t give up. Stay with it. Don’t knock on the door and walk away, assuming no one’s home — even after you’ve been invited in. Go in! The door is unlocked.”

“Follow where it leads. Feel, see, and hear the response. Open yourself up. Be the answer.”


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