When There’s No More Next Time

By Samantha McKenzie

“When there’s no more next times, no time-outs, no second chances. Sometimes it’s now or never.” Alan Bennett

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Some days, it feels like we’ve been robbed. Like someone has stolen our drive to take action. As if, some thing has made us believe that tomorrow is in fact promised. Perhaps we’ve assumed the notion that life couldn’t possibly be better than this.

Some days, it feels like a deep-seeded thought has taken root in our psyche and convinced us to push our passions to the side, to spend our days and nights caught up harvesting someone else’s fields. Like the movie, The Matrix, was art depicting life.

Related imageIf today were your last day on Earth, what would you do differently?

Would you spend it in front of the television?

Would you call your loved ones and speak kindly to them?

Would you put one more stroke on that painting you started, the business plan that’s sitting on your desk, the big risk that you were almost willing to take?

Would you move one step closer to your purpose?

Live your life as if there will be no more next time, like you won’t ever get another chance. Think about each day like it’s your last. Like it’s do or die, now or never. Get up each morning running towards your calling. Silence your excuses. Don’t wait any longer. Live like you are dying.

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