‘Might as well be us’


By Dawn Onley

It might as well be me. It might as well be you.

Reaching for the top. Climbing the stairway of success. Panting and sweating and just about ready to give up, but holding on defiantly.

Someone will reach their dream. Or achieve a higher level of satisfaction. Someone will make it happen against the odds. Someone will reenroll in college in their 40s. Someone will set up shop and begin selling their original designs. Someone will invent the latest, greatest app. Someone we haven’t even heard of yet will write a bestseller or explore their musical and artistic genius. Someone will make an important discovery that will advance medicine and possibly cure diseases. Someone will break a record. Someone will win the race. Someone will overcome something that someone else couldn’t.

Someone will buy their first home. Someone will get pregnant with a world of hope. Someone will start to see the vision. Someone will make a connection that will lead to something life-changing. Someone will find out what they are made of. Someone will follow their intuition. Someone will pray. Someone will reconnect with a family member or friend. Someone will reach back and pull someone else up. Someone will mentor a child. Someone will ask “WHY NOT ME?” Someone will turn a negative into a positive. Someone will do something they never dreamed possible.


Might as well be me. And you.




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  1. Tracye says:

    Keep encouraging us Dawn! We are brave women indeed. We are the moxie we fear and anticipate. You’re right, it might as well be us. It will be us. It is us!


    1. It sure is!👍🏾


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