Step into the Opportunity that Awaits You

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By Dawn Onley

There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there’s only scarcity of resolve to make it happen.” – Wayne Dyer

There are so many opportunities to do what we love.

Endless opportunities.

We have access to unlimited information. We can learn all about the things that we love. We can take small steps to do what it is we dream of doing. We can turn our hobbies into a career. We can overcome our fears and dust off those dreams that lie dormant in the recesses of our minds.

Somewhere, someone is doing exactly what we want to do. We may even know them. We could be just like them. It doesn’t matter our circumstances. We may need better focus. Or better discipline. Or improved time management.

But it can be done. We can do it. If we resolve to do it.


I taught a continuing education class on journalism at a community college years ago. One of my students wanted to know how to get published in a newspaper. She said she felt foolish for thinking she could get published but that she had always wanted to be a journalist. I told her no dreams were foolish and that she could do it if she was persistent enough.

I told her the first step was to find out what criteria her targeted publication had for outside submissions. Once she knew the rules, so to speak, she needed to determine a topic she could pitch to them and a contact person who accepted the pitches. I told her it would help to read the newspaper she wanted to pitch to get an idea of the types of articles they run.

She determined a focus and ultimately her pitch landed her a freelance article.

She was taking the continuing education class to determine if she wanted to pursue a career in journalism. The article gave her momentum to go after her dreams.

There are so many opportunities. Read the job boards in unconventional places, like the local library. Network. Go to that free lecture on something you’re interested in. Volunteer to get experience. Even consider creating your dream job yourself.

Do what you need to do to step into the opportunity that awaits you.

What are you waiting for?

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