Today is the Day!

By Samantha McKenzie


Today is the only day you have. Seize it. Image result for carpe diem quotes

Tomorrow is a mere notion. Don’t count on it.

Today is the opportunity. Take it.

Tomorrow is but an unkept promise. Don’t be fooled by it.

Use these 24 hours wisely. Remember, today is the only day you are living in, so make it remarkable.

Do something that you’ve been putting off. Call someone who’s been distant for too long. Explore all that’s available in that charming little town you live in. Scratch something off the list. Say sorry. Ask for forgiveness. Ask for help. Slap that monkey off your back. Live like there’s really no tomorrow.

Because for all we know, today might be our last. Make today, THE day, and live in the only moment that’s here. Live in the present.


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