Women Care, Unapologetically

By Samantha McKenzie

Women care. We care about almost everything.

We unapologetically care about everyone. We care about the health and livelihood of our children and our families. We care about the men in our lives and their ability to become successful. We care about other women, near and far, and cheer for each other’s triumphs.

Image result for african american women caring forWe care about humanity as a whole and often wonder how history will record us. Will we be found wanting? We care about the communities we live in and the overall safety of everyone. We also care about the intangibles too, like your thoughts, your feelings or whether or not you really understood us.

We care to make you happy and care more if we end up making you sad. We care deeply if we caused you any harm and will work earnestly to make it right.

And it doesn’t stop there.Image result for african american women caring for

We also care about all things living. We care about our pets and will sign on to causes that save animals and protect them against cruelty. We care about preserving the rain forests, building more urban gardens and parks that protect the trees. We work to protect our environment and care about having the simple things in life, like clean water and fresh air.

We also care about topics like politics, government, economic, justice, and the infrastructures that manage our lives. We care about corporate responsibility and government accountability. We care about teacher pay and equal opportunity for all mankind. We care about: crime, taxes, social justice, education, health care, technology, nutrition, immigration, foreign policy, civil rights, military defense…and how it all effects our destiny. 

Image result for women caring for othersWe care about other things as well, like what people think about us. We care about our fashion choices, hairstyles and makeup techniques. We care about home decor, candles, and air fresheners. We care about the menu, the grocery list, and the dietary needs of our loved ones.

We care also about our security. We care that the bills are paid. That the car gets maintained as needed and home repairs get addressed immediately. We care about security systems and everything related to making us feel safer.

We care about overarching ideologies that limit the advancement of the human race, like racism and sexism. We care about the influx of cancer, the increase of civil wars across the globe, the numbness to homelessness and hunger and the existence of human trafficking and drug addiction. We care about our place in this world and question almost daily why we’ve accepted a second class position, why we’ve allowed our voices to be tempered, why we’ve lost our fight…why the house and picket fence was all that was needed to silence us.

Even so, we freely and willingly accept this gift of caring and all the burdens that come along. Image result for caring quotesWe are thankful to be a part of the body of women, designed with purpose and intention, to care for the entire world.

We are privileged to be shaped in the image of a Creator to protect and nurture the global tribe. We are grateful for the opportunity to do our part and for the contribution we make towards a hopeful future.

Everyday ladies, you prove to the world that God is love. Continue caring, unapologetically.


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