Today, I’m Thankful for a New Season

“Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own; and from morning to night, as from the cradle to the grave, it is but a succession of changes so gentle and easy that we can scarcely mark their progress.” – Charles Dickens

Dawn (Nov. 2017)

By Dawn Onley

I am a sun person. I feel happiest frolicking in the sun, letting it beam its light and warmth on my face. The sun conjures up memories of road trips as a child, berry picking, family reunions, visits from my Great Aunt Anna, who lived in Phoenix, and my Aunt Ann, who lives in Vegas, the salty smell of the Atlantic Ocean, the silky feel of the sand, boardwalks and saltwater taffy, Hopscotch and kickball, playing outside until the street lights came on, Mr. Barnes’ corner store and 10-cent candy, and all of the hand clapping rhymes my friends and I practiced at recess, when we weren’t dangling from the monkey bars.

Summer is still my season, hands down. When the weather turns cold, I retreat inside, excluding the obligatory runs to the grocery store, school to pick up my son, and visits with family members, of course.

Well, no longer. This fall, I’m coming out! Lately, I’ve been humming that old George Benson tune “Everything Must Change.”

Everything must change,

Nothing stays the same.

Everyone must change

Nothing stays the same.

The young become the old,

Mysteries do unfold.

‘Cause that’s the way of time

Nothing and no one goes unchanged.

There are not many things

In life you can be sure of.


Rain comes from the clouds,

And sun lights up the sky,

And humming birds do fly.

Winter turns to spring.

Wounded heart will heal.

Never much too soon

Everything must change

There is a time for everything. Change is a beautiful thing. Each season brings its own joy. These days, I’m actually welcoming the cool temperatures. I’m hitting up the gym. Meeting up with friends. Networking with potential new business clients. Escorting my son to quite a few birthday parties. Trying out a new restaurant (or dish). Even taking a horse and carriage ride through town. I’m rushing to get my holiday shopping done by the end of this month so I can relax and enjoy December.

horse and carriage (Nov. 2017)

It is said that autumn represents transformation and change. It’s all around us – in the bright colored leaves and awe-inspiring sunrises.

It’s within me, this rebirth. I’m stretching myself to new dimensions. I’m learning more each day. I’m discovering things about myself that can only come from change.

I didn’t always appreciate fall. Today, I am thankful for a new season.

reflection of leaves (Nov. 2015 -- honeymoon)


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